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The Manchester Blog Awards

23 Aug
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Calling all Greater Manchester bloggers: nominations for The Manchester Blog Awards are now being accepted, here.

I’ve nominated someone but I’m not saying who, because I don’t want them to feel obliged.


23 Aug
Webbed toes

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It was a day of mistakes yesterday:

I was not Freshly Pressed

Sorry if I gave the impression that I was.  Thanks for all your positive comments.  If wishing made it so….

I made a roast dinner on the hottest day of August so far

The Hub bought a huge gammon at a small gammon price and, rather than freeze it, I decided to make my first roast, with all the trimmings, in months.  Unfortunately, so did the weather.  I’m not ungrateful for the heat – it warms our webbed feet, after all – but why did it choose to be hot yesterday?  I almost passed out when I opened the oven door.

I baked some fairy cakes

Always a mistake.  Especially when I forget to add one of the main ingredients.

The weird thing is, they tasted fine.


I was not the only person to make a mistake yesterday.  From – where else? – The Stockport Express:

An opportunist thief stole a van off a driveway as a senior police officer moved house.

Superintendent Vanessa Jardine was moving items from her home on Lower Fold, Marple Bridge, Stockport, when the rented vehicle was suddenly driven away.


Proving that it really can happen to anyone. 

I know: I’ll make her a cake.

VICTIM OF CRIME: Supt Vanessa Jardine

Joke 152

23 Aug

A police recruit was taking an exam.

Question: What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?

Answer: Call for backup.

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