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5 Sep
Highland cow

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This week’s award was difficult to decide upon because there were two commenters who stood out above the rest.  So I went for a third instead.

Just kidding, Big Al!  Oops, that wasn’t supposed to slip out like that.

Big Al  wins it for not one, but two great comments this week:

His comment on Screeeech! made him the front-runner:

Tilly Bud, you just have to learn to stop beating around the bush and say what’s on your mind. How will anybody know your serious with such namby pamby remarks?

Though I had to deduct marks for the incorrect spelling of you’re (I run a strictly corect speeling blog here).  However, Al’s comment on To Add To My Woes… clinched it:

Sorry you’re feeling punk. Fortunately for you, I have studied medicine on the internet. Here’s my advice: write two blogs and call me in the morning.

The comment was longer but that’s the bit that had me laughing out loud. 

Well done, Big Al!  You are a worthy winner.  For chopping down some stiff competition, here’s your award:

Mrs Samurai Cow Award for PJ

The Best Meal I Ever Cooked

5 Sep
Full course dinner

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‘Best’ is a relative term, of course: I’ve told you before that the Hub says things like ‘If I can’t smell burning, we’re having salad.’  You may think he’s cruel but he and I both know the truth.  If he can’t smell burning then we are having salad.

I could tell you about my many mediocre meals and cooking cock-ups, but you’ve heard it all before.  Instead, I will tell you about the best compliment I ever received about my food.

My sister-in-law and her husband were over here in the UK from South Africa.  The exchange rate that way to this is horrendous and they had to be careful with their money.  They weren’t thrilled then, when, on a grand tour of the relatives, every family they visited insisted on going out for a meal and letting them pay for their own.

By the time they got to us, they had as little money as we do.  I crossed my fingers and cooked up a feast fit for an average day at t’mill.  I can’t remember what was in it but I can guarantee meat, potatoes and three veg, minimum (potatoes don’t count as veg any more, according to the government, who don’t include it in the recommended five-a-day).

My brother-in-law ate his portion.  And seconds; and thirds.  Then he sat back in his chair and said, ‘That’s the best meal I’ve had in England.’

Six years on, I’m still glowing.  Rather like the Geiger counter in my kitchen.


For Viewfromtheside’s prompt.

Joke 165

5 Sep

I was going to have my hernia operation last June, but the surgeon was on summer hiatus.

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