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WordPress Pulls A Gun On Me

16 Sep

Write a story by finishing this sentence:

I told him where I was going, and he hurried me out, pointing to the door with the gun, but what he didn’t know was…

I had removed all the glue, so he couldn’t stick the door shut and lock me out.  The Hub would have to stay married to me a little longer.



101/1001 (24) & (25)

16 Sep

It got so late I didn’t bother you with an update last week (stop clapping at the back), so here’s two in one.

I have a new task: I have over one hundred poems that need writing up, printing out, copies for my notebook and copies for my files.  I have made it a task because I keep putting off doing it as I spend so much time blogging, so that makes it your fault.

I completed a task: Read all the Harry Potters for the sixth time. (7/7)Not so much a task as my raison d’être.  I completed it in about a month.  That’s slow for me, but I wanted to savour them on this, my eighth reading.

Don’t be surprised if you find this task re-instated before the end of the year.

And that’s it.  Guess you didn’t miss much last week.

We have more people joining us for the 101/1001 challenge.  So many, I’ve lost track of who I have welcomed and who not.  Welcome, everyone!  I will post this then add their links to the 101 blog roll on the right.  Eventually, I will need a separate page for them.

I think I have my next task.


Joke 176

16 Sep

Two boy scouts went on a nature hike in the hills, picking hickory nuts.  Along the way, they filled their small pails and then started to fill their pockets and shirts.  When they could hold no more nuts, they started down the country road until they came across a cemetery. The boys decided that would be a good place to stop and rest and divide out the nuts.

The two boys sat in the shade of a large oak tree and unloaded their pockets and buckets by dumping all of the nuts in a large pile.  In the process, two of them rolled away and rested near the road. The boys then proceeded to divide out the nuts. “One for you. One for me. One for you. One for me.”

As they were doing this, another boy was passing by and happened to hear them. He looked into the cemetery, but could not see the boys, because they were obscured by the tree. He hesitated a moment and then ran back to town.  “Father! Father!” he yelled as he entered his house. “The cemetery. Come quick!”

“What’s the matter?” his father asked.

“No time to explain,” the boy frantically panted. “Follow me!”

The boy and his father ran up the country road and stopped when they reached the cemetery. At the side of the road, they fell silent for a few moments. Then the father asked his son what was wrong.  “Do you hear that?” the boy whispered. Both listened intently and heard the Scouts. “One for me. One for you. One for me. One for you…”

The boy then blurted out, “The devil and the Lord are dividing the souls!”

The father was skeptical but silent…until a few moments later, as the Scouts completed dividing out the nuts and one Scout said to the other, “Now, as soon as we get those two nuts down by the road, we’ll have them all.”

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