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Face It: Two + Too = Feet

23 Sep

Two nights of too little sleep = toenails embedded in my skull.

I look like this (but with hair and…ahem…padding):

I could drink tea all day, to keep me functioning:

But that would leave me a little grumpy:

I’m off to bed now, if I can just find the handle on this wall…

For Viewfromtheside‘s prompt: Feet & Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces


Lions, Nuns & Tea

23 Sep
Grand Chinese Cuisine

Image by Sifu Renka via Flickr

How do you change your habits?

In the changing room at the convent.  I’ve heard about those nuns.

What person, real or fictional, living or dead, would you want to share a foxhole with if you were on a battlefield?

Aslan, naturally.  Nothing scares him.

How do you decide how to decide?

I ask Aslan.

Describe your favorite restaurant in the world.

Free Food, Nearbysville.  Roast potatoes always on the menu.  No dress code.

Sorry, I thought it said fantasy restaurant.

I don’t know; I haven’t been in a proper restaurant for going on fifteen years.  All I can think of is The Bamboo Inn, Harare, Zimbabwe.  I’ve told this story before so I’ll just lift it from the original post:

On the particular trip to Zimbabwe that I mentioned, the Hub took me and some of his customers to the Bamboo Inn in Harare.  At that time it was voted eighth-best Chinese restaurant in the world.  I believe it: I had never eaten Chinese food before (seriously), and everything was so delicious that my mouth fills with saliva whenever I think of it, even twenty years on.  But best of all were the spring rolls: no fat, no gunk, just fresh, fresh, fresh ingredients in a delicate case that I could have had for the whole of my meal if the Hub’s greedy guests hadn’t gotten there first.

The waitress was old but efficient, whipping away my plate almost before I was able to pick up my dropped chopsticks from the floor.  She asked me if I’d like black or groin tea?  Too shy to ask what groin tea was, I opted for the black.  It was years before I realised she was offering me green tea.

Joke 183

23 Sep

Sailing – it’s a sport that just doesn’t float my boat.

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