Joke 184

24 Sep

This is from Michelle in South Africa.

Why the old are rich:

Silver in the hair
Gold in the teeth
Crystals in the kidneys
Sugar in the blood
Lead in the ass
Iron in the arteries
And an inexhaustible supply of Natural Gas.

8 Responses to “Joke 184”

  1. kateshrewsday September 24, 2011 at 08:04 #



  2. Cliff Hope (@cliffjim) September 24, 2011 at 09:54 #

    Maltesers nearly as good as fairy cakes.
    like this joke
    sounds just like me.


    • Tilly Bud September 24, 2011 at 11:28 #

      I’ve met you. I’m saying nothing…



  3. misswhiplash September 24, 2011 at 12:24 #

    when I read the first line I thought I am old but I’m not rich…..

    Then I read the rest and realised that I am….


  4. ♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡ September 24, 2011 at 16:23 #



  5. Katherine Gordy Levine September 25, 2011 at 03:34 #

    Trued to email you, but Google claims you are unknown Ha, ha. Anyway Gave the award not for you and broke the rules doing it. I know you have more than 200 subscribers, but my blog readers need more laughs. . Also accoding to the rules you do not have to pass it on, but you might want to anyway. Whatever.

    Laughter is an Emotional Fitness Exercise and I look for your jokes on the Postaday challenge and finally have subscribed. Staying strong because you make me laugh.



    • Tilly Bud September 26, 2011 at 16:58 #

      Bless you for your confidence in me but I have less than 200 subscribers at the moment, so you are safe 🙂

      Thank you. 🙂


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