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Ufo? No, Me No Fo

27 Sep
Two extraterrestrial (E.T.) alien Martians dri...

Do you believe in UFOs?

Of course.

Before you start thinking I’m mad, let me tell you that you’re confused: a UFO is not an alien space ship, but an unidentified flying object.  There are lots of unidentified flying objects in the world, especially when I’m rowing with the Hub.

Besides, they keep the alien ships at Roswell.


What is your favorite day of the week? And why?

The day WordPress issues sensible prompts.  So none.


Invent a new Olympic sport.

Alien Baiting.

Take your captured alien and stick it in a ring.

Now throw in a couple of WordPress prompters and watch them dance before they are vaporised.

And I wonder why I’ve never been Freshly Pressed…


Is all fair in love and war?

I dunno, but I do know that all’s not fair in blogging: Tinman has a way better answer to this prompt than me.

Oops.  Still on last week’s sleep deprivation diet; the actual question to which his answer is way better than mine is:


Would you rather laugh with the sinners, or cry with the saints?

Billy Joel reckons that sinners are much more fun but he hasn’t seen my church on a Sunday morning: sometimes we clap when we sing.  I could get all Biblical and tell you that we are all sinners, and become known as ‘saints’ when we’re saved – it’s a name change to reflect a stage in our Christian life, not our character; like going from baby to toddler to child to puberty-driven harridan to adolescent: they are all still children and all still collectively known as ‘suck the life force out of you breadsnappers’ – but you know I never discuss religion, so I won’t.


Joke 187

27 Sep

Two kids are talking to each other. One says, “I’m really worried. My Dad works twelve hours a day to give me a nice home and good food. My Mum spends the whole day cleaning and cooking for me. I’m worried sick!”

The other kid says, “What have you got to worry about? Sounds to me like you’ve got it made!”

The first kid says, “What if they try to escape?”

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