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1 Oct

Today’s date without dots is 11011.

A binary number, that much I recognise (Thank you, Star Trek: The Next Generation).

A Google search led me to this on Yahoo Answers:

The binary number 11011 is equivalent to what hexadecimal number?


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And then I fell asleep.

If you know the answer, what on earth are you doing in here?

Birthday Hangover

1 Oct

I received one more surprise yesterday.

A joint gift from Tory Boy, History Girl and Spud; they brought it in at tea time:

If you’re here from 6WS, I had a fabulous birthday yesterday.  Actually, I had a fabulous birthday yesterday even if you aren’t here from 6WS.

Read more here.

Joke 191

1 Oct

A four-year-old boy and his father went to the beach. There was a dead seagull lying on the sand. The boy asked his father, “Dad, what happened to the bird?”

His Dad told him, “Son, the bird died and went to heaven.”

Then the boy asked, “And God threw him back down?”

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