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I Almost Had A CoWAbunger

3 Oct

This week’s award winner is Lisa, the Alien Hippy, for giving me the biggest surprise of the week.

My binary post, 1.10.11 (there’s a phrase I never expected to write), posed a question.  Call me silly but I didn’t actually expect an answer.  But Lisa had one:

Hello lovely Tilly,
The binary number 11011 is equivalent to decimal 27 hexadecimal 1B.
I’m here because you make me giggle and I like to giggle….LOL
Love and hugs. Lisa. xx :)

I can already hear you complaining that she ought to be disqualified for paying compliments, but I like her, so she isn’t.

Lisa writes two great blogs: one on coping with Asperger’s, which she only learned she had as an adult; and one that showcases her poetry and fabulous art work (a piece of which I hope to own one day).  I recommend that you pop over and say ‘hi’.

This is one of her pieces; it’s wonderful:

Well done, Lisa, not only for surprising me, but also for (presumably) knowing the answer to one of life’s ridiculous questions.  Here’s your award:

Apologies that it is a picture of a cow’s backside; it was difficult to find a photo of a binary cow.

To compensate, and because you like to giggle, here’s another:

And one more:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

3 Oct

This is Spud.  We have lots of photos like this.  Despite appearances, he was not a battered child; he just used to fall over a lot. 

One day, my Mum noticed he had a turn in his eye.  I whipped him round to the doctor who referred him to the eye specialist who prescribed glasses.

Result: no more falling over.  Unless he was pushed. 


Joke 193

3 Oct

An Amy Poehler joke:

“The average national price of a gallon of gas hit an all-time record high of $3.15 this week. Meaning that wherever you’re going this summer, it might be cheaper to mail your car.”

gas prices cartoon photo

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