9 Oct

Things happening on this date:

Lots of weddings:

But most exciting of all – it’s nine days to my lovely niece’s birthday.

Oh, and one day to the Hub’s.

16 Responses to “9.10.11”

  1. evilnymphstuff at 12:31 #

    I wouldn’t have realised the pattern 9/10/11 if I wasn’t following you! LOL didn’t realise it at all til now. Lovely photos!


  2. gigihawaii at 16:42 #

    I was thinking American style: September 10, 2011.
    Then, I realized you are British. Hence: 9 October 2011.

    Duh. lol.


    • Tilly Bud at 11:33 #

      It is amazing how much is lost in translation from English to American 🙂


  3. Tinman at 18:56 #

    Early happy birthday to the Hub – whatever his Maltesters equivalent is, I wish him lots of them.


    • Tilly Bud at 11:34 #

      Thanks Mr T. Biltong and aeroplanes, in no particular order 🙂


  4. Happy, happy birthday to all your loved ones. Can you really wear those shoes?? Awesome. Dianne


  5. Janie Jones at 19:54 #

    Since we are talking numbers here, I will word my comment in the the form of a joke:

    Why was the number 9 afraid?

    Because seven “ate” nine.


  6. kateshrewsday at 22:49 #

    Happy birthday Hubs!!!


  7. ElizOF at 10:39 #

    Love those heels even though I can’t even wear them… Being a tall person, I envy all those ladies who can wear 6 inch heels out there. Sure I can wear them if I want to walk around at 6 ft 4 inches… 😆


  8. molly at 05:51 #

    Lets get the order snap-happy:
    Happy birthday to your lovely niece and the hub.
    Goat Lady Dairy – Wedding – ‘Missy & Ray on 9.10.11’
    Are those swarovski crystals on the cinderella shoes?
    cheers catchul8r molly



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