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101/1001 (29)

14 Oct

And (28), (27) & (26).

I have neglected my challenge duties for a month.  My excuse is procrastination: we now have 25 101/1001ers and I had to add their links to my blogroll: admin time always comes second to writing time.  Today, however, I got on my behind and caught up where I was behind. 

If you are interested in taking part or simply prefer to read about people with more get up and go than you (the list below refers), check out the list on the right.

What have I been doing these past four weeks?  Not much, as it happens.  Instead, I will tell you how my ongoing challenges are going on:

  • Learned four new words.  (Words: 16/26)  Don’t blame Word of the Day from; I already know a lot of words so I have to actively seek them out and I’ve been too lazy to do that. 
  • Received 7,991 visits in the last four weeks, mostly from one person. Thank you, my biggest fan; you know who you are. (84,689/100,000)
  • Devised a cunning plan to make everyone feel special without naming names.
  • Had 1512 comments (15,633/30,000)
  • Submitted one poem. (12/30)  Don’t judge me too harshly: in four weeks I’ve written only 15 poems. (210/1001)
  • Blogged 67 times.  (545/1111)
  • Read 3 new books.  (18/101) It doesn’t sound like much, but I have also read old favourites, as well as starting a few new books and not bothering to finish them.
  • Watched 2 new films.  (32/101)  Not much, but I had to squeeze them in between favourite tv series.
  • Told 28 jokes.   (203/1001)
  • Not played on for one day (37/101)
  • Had five new flags (212/101) and seven new countries (150/101) visit me.  Not bad for someone who spends all her time reading, playing games and watching telly.
  • Walked the dogs for twenty hours and five minutes. (169.15/1001)  That was a long day…

I added one challenge:

Leave my poems in 101 locations. (0/101).

This was inspired by a post of Viv’s, who told us to stick our poems on bumpers/under windscreen wipers/on supermarket shelves/blue-tacked to park benches/slipped between novels in the library.

I’m going to do it.  Watch this space.


Joke 204

14 Oct

Two fonts walk into a bar. The barman says to them, “Get out. We don’t serve your type in here.”


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