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Noah’s Ark: Was That Today?

29 Oct

Some searches that found my blog:


If You Have To Ask The Question, You’re In Trouble

  • what can i have my husband do today
  • why wont my dog listen to me
  • noah’s ark was that today


I Want These

  • talking cupcake
  • fairies in your hair
  • housewives valium
  • brad pitt warning signs

I Don’t Want These

  • horrible smiles
  • crap christmas tree
  • cat box of hamster gerbil


And The Award For Stupidest Complaint Of The Year Goes To…

  • i gave birth and now i have to do nappies


The Sicko Parade

  • knickerless can can
  • ladies in the bath
  • knobhead cartoon
  • yoda from behind 

I Wish I’d Thought Of That

  • pilfer-proof toilet paper
  • cartoon muffins

We’d All Like To Know About This

  • was bullseyes star prize a fix
  • my new ugly boyfriend


The Mind Boggles

  • sharks friendship
  • cement the frog cartoon

Two Old Favourites

  • one direction socks
  • what really happened to gaddafi – 291 people in the last month seemed to think I was in on the secret

Is There Any Other Kind?

  • dead drunk housewives
  • cartoon animals who like food and wine
  • mean husbands
  • dirty ugly frogs
  • housewife with dementia
  • funny buttocks
  • marriage fighting
  • farting bum
  • marriage joke
  • “preaching pyramid” cook

If You’re Expecting These, You’re In The Wrong Blog

  • home hygiene
  • teenager talking to a parent
  • breeding a housewife



  • scousers don’t take your tyres


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Joke 219

29 Oct

My son wanted a scooter.

When I told him they are too dangerous, he moped around the house.

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