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Anticipation Is 9/10ths Of The Fun

6 Nov

I am looking forward to something nice, fun, exciting and new that is going to happen for me this week.  I’m not telling you what, though, until it’s over.  I’ll give you some clues and you can try and guess:

  1. I have never done it before.  Though I sort of have.
  2. Scotland is sort of involved, though not really.
  3. It relates to a country which I have never visited, though I sort of have.

Any idea yet?  No?  Okay, let’s make it a little easier:

My first is in vivacious, though never in vain.
My second’s a hotel, though somewhat plain.
My third is a land of stripes and strong smells.
The whole will be fun, though I cannot yet tell.

I anticipate that I’m going to have a blast this week.  I know I will, because, well, I can’t say…you will have to put on your conjecturing hats and hope that I don’t forget to tell you all about it.

For Sidey’s Weekend Theme, anticipation.

Joke 227

6 Nov

Don’t trust acupuncturists –  they’re back stabbers.


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