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Did You Guess?

14 Nov
Question mark made of puzzle pieces

Image by Horia Varlan via Flickr

If not, I’ll walk you through it:

I was looking forward to something nice, fun, exciting and new that was to happen for me this week.  It did.  It was.

So what was this nice, fun, exciting and new thing that happened? 

I went to France to visit Vivinthere!  I took the Hub in case Viv’s benevolent exterior hid a Malteser-stealing fiend, but it didn’t.  She and her husband were generous and genial, friendly and fun, warm and wonderful – there aren’t enough adjectives in English to describe how welcome they made us so I’ll resort to French: incroyable

There’ll be more gushing later on this week, but for now, here’s the answers to the puzzle I set you:

  1. I have never done it before.  Though I sort of haveMet Viv.  We met through an online critiquing site set up by a group of Open University Creative Writing students unwilling to admit the course was over.  Viv and I have exchanged emails, criticism (constructive, naturally) and gifts (she sends the gifts and I accept them; a fair exchange, I think).  We Skype.  We laugh.  We chat.  All we had to do was meet.  And now we have.  Incroyable!  Did I say that already?
  2. Scotland is sort of involved, though not reallyViv is married to Jock, a Scot.  See where you went wrong?  You looked at the picture of Mary of Guise and thought, Ah, a flat-faced woman married to a ScotTilly must be going to Scotland to learn about artViv is not flat-faced; though she is married to a Scot (Jock, not James V).
  3. It relates to a country which I have never visited, though I sort of have.  France.  When I was eleven I went on a school trip to Belgium and Germany (I suppose they wanted us to see European extremes).  The ferry crossing was so foggy we had to dock in France and drive to Belgium.  It was dark when we arrived so I never saw anything of France except its night sky.

I gave you more clues after that though, frankly, I’m at a loss as to why you couldn’t work it out with those three.

My first is in vivacious, though never in vain.              


My second’s a hotel, though somewhat plain.


My third is a land of stripes and strong smells.

France.  Stripes on the flag; and t-shirt of the beret wearing, onion carrying, garlic chewing cyclist.  Smells.  Well you would with all that garlic and onion, wouldn’t you?

The whole will be fun, though I cannot yet tell.              

And it was!

It’s obvious now, isn’t it?  Tinman got it.  Leaving aside that he’s a spoilsport, I bet you’re kicking yourself that you didn’t work it out.

Look out for my forthcoming blog posts: Why Ryanair Is The Fastest To Complete The Times Crossword and Normandy Jigsaws: Friend Or Foe? 

Due To My Absence, This Week’s CoWAbunger Has Been Suspended

14 Nov

Joke 235

14 Nov

Thanks to Cindy for this one.

A Buddhist Monk walks up to a New York City hot dog vendor and says, “Make me one with everything.”

The vendor gives him a hot dog with everything.  The Monk hands the vendor a $20 bill.

The vendor puts the bill into his pocket and the Monk inquires, “What about the change?”

The vendor says, “Change must come from within.”

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