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Anarchy In The Blogosphere

23 Nov
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I have had a number of new subscribers in the last few weeks, so I’d better explain the concept of this post.

I am participating in postaday2011.  The helpful people at WordPress send all participators a daily prompt, in case they are struggling for something to blog about.  I began to answer the prompts but some of them were so ridiculous – kittens on a rail track, anyone? – I decided to have a little fun, even with the serious prompts.  It is my mission to answer every one, but I’m a little behind.

I copy and paste the question.  I need to make that clear or much of what follows will be blamed on me.


Explain the difference between socialism, communism and anarachy.

Socialism: The government tells you what to do but lets you think it was your choice.

Communism: The government tells you what to do and gives you no choice.

Anarachy: What happens when WordPress prompters are permitted to do their own spelling.


If you made your own currency, what would you call it?

The Sultana.


What is the future of the Euro?

You see that black hole over there…?


Black Hole in the universe

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What would you with a year if your goal was to become wise?

What would I?  I would the same as always, because all know no one can find wisdom in twelve months. 

Or I might spend it making fun of missing words in WordPress prompts.


What do you miss?

Apart from the word ‘do’?  The Hub, usually; my aim isn’t too good.

Or are we back to the formality of What would you?  Are you asking me, What do you, Miss?  I do be making fun of you, dear prompter.


Make a list of things you wish you had said

WordPress: Do you want to use our daily prompt?

Tilly Bud: No.*

*And if you believe that, you believe ‘anarchy’ is spelled ‘anarachy’.

Anarachy: What trainspotters are. 


Joke 244

23 Nov

Did you hear about the owl that fell for twin comediennes?

He had two wits to woo.

What sound do toddler owls make?


Didn’t enjoy those?  I wouldn’t say you were apathetic; you just don’t give a hoot.


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