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And On The Subject Of Spam…

26 Nov


SPAM (Hot & Spicy)

Image by mike lowe via Flickr

…this one just came in:

what to take to last longer in bed…

premature ejacultaion…

I don’t think these people have quite got the hang of their product, do you? 
Or spelling.

You know what you should take to last longer in bed?

A sleeping pill.



Le Spam

26 Nov

I shouldn’t have written all those posts about France – the French spammers are after me now.  Fortunately, I can’t read French, so I don’t know if I’m Superbe! or if they want to sell me French Viagra (Le Up!).

If I do want to buy the little blue pill (so they say; I haven’t seen it, I swear), spammers to my inbox are offering a Christmas discount of 20%.  You couldn’t make it up.

Spammers: I’d like to deck their halls with boughs of holly.

Joke 247

26 Nov

How do you save a drowning rodent?

Use mouse to mouse resuscitation.


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