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A Christmas Competition

3 Dec

Here’s a new departure for this blog: I am going to ask for your help, but this time I’m willing to pay for it – just one of you, mind!  And only because it’s Christmas.

I need CLEAN Christmas jokes and/or cartoons. 

That’s it. 

Leave them in the comments section of this post until next Saturday.  The one I judge the funniest will win the prize of…here’s the kicker…a box of Maltesers.  A SMALL box, of course.    I will post them to anywhere in the world, providing you give me a contact address when I ask for it.

The winning joke/cartoon will be the one that makes me laugh loudest.  Any jokes or cartoons I use for the December daily joke post will have the source acknowledged i.e. I’ll mention your blog and/or name.

Go ahead.  Make my Christmas day.


I Can’t Believe They Cancelled Firefly!

3 Dec

I can’t believe they cancelled Firefly!

Do the telly suits have any idea at all of what constitutes a great programme?  Drama, humour, cowboys in space?  Great hair (Zoe), suppressed love (Mal & Inara), pretty muscle (Jayne)?  Government conspiracies, real girls (plump and pretty, not skinny and pretty), great train robberies?  A really weird title song?  Okay, I’ll give them that one.  But seriously, what is wrong with these people?

Tory Boy and Spud nagged me all year to watch Firefly; I finally sat down to watch the first episode to shut them up, and I had to cancel my life until I’d finished the series.  I love my children so much; they know what’s good for me (but don’t quote me on that when it’s time to choose my nursing home).

I also found, after almost fifty years, the look that I really, really want:

2003 was a disastrous year for good television.  Idiot suits.  They’ll be cancelling Star Trek next.

Joke 254

3 Dec

An honest politician, a kind banker and Santa Claus were walking down the street and saw a £20 note.  Which one picked it up?

Santa.  The other two don’t exist.

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