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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

5 Dec

I’m way behind on the photo prompts and the end of the year is almost upon us, so expect lots of random pics with tenuous links to the prompts (same old, same old).

The combination of Family and Christmas gives me the opportunity to post some photos of my beloved dear old dead Dad.  He died on Christmas Eve 2000, which was not great, but now our visit to the cemetery at lunch time every Christmas Eve is a signal for the festivities to begin.  Dad would have loved that joke. 

CoWAbunger’s Got Integrity

5 Dec

An outright winner this week, for respecting the integrity of this blog:

On my post A Prompt Too Far:

Wwwhack! Do you feel that? It is me throwing my shoe at your head.

 Gobetween is the worthiest winner to date, I’m sure you’ll agree.  You’d better, or she’ll hurt you.

Well done, Gobetween.  I and my sore head salute you. 

Here’s your award:

To read more of Gobetween’s unique perspective on life in South Africa, visit her blog at

Joke 256

5 Dec

Don’t forget to enter my Christmas competition.   Send me your best jokes or cartoons and you might win a measly box of Maltesers.


What did the teddy bear say when he was offered Christmas pudding?

“No thank you, I’ve got furred arteries.”

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