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CoWAbored Yet?

12 Dec

I ought to ban Pseu.  This is the third time she’s won the CoWAbunger.  And she had her own birthday post on Saturday.  But her comment was just too funny not to win:

The post was about sending Christmas cards to the astronauts on the International Space Station.  Her comment:

I’ll put them on my ‘over-seas’ list. 

Well done again, Pseu!  Now stop being so funny and give somebody else a chance, or I’ll have to do away with the award altogether.  Or should I make it monthly?

Here’s your cow third:

If anyone wants to complain about her third CoWAbunger, Pseu me.  Check her out at


12 Dec

I’m late posting this…or am I?  Let’s muse on this a little…

Moose in yard in Anchorage, Alaska

Image via Wikipedia

Right now in Anchorage, Alaska it is 23:01 on 11.12.11.  In Honolulu, Hawaii, it is only 22:01.  But I prefer to write in Alaskan time because then I can say I’m posting this at the eleventh hour.

[Muttering off monitor] You ask her!No you ask her!No you ask her!Wimps!I’llaska!

Can you tell I’m really bored with this year’s date meme? 

Only one more to go, thank goodness.

Then it starts all over again in 2012!

Joke 263

12 Dec

What’s the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet?

The Christmas alphabet has noël.

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