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The Name Game

15 Dec

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This is a re-blog (updated), but I thought you might enjoy it.

To celebrate December, I watched It’s A Wonderful Life again. It’s a wonderful film and the ending still chokes me up; I love it.

For the first time, I noticed something about the names in the film, one of those tricks of the brain. There’s nothing scientific about this; it’s just a bit of fun.

  • The cop is called Bert and the cab driver is Ernie. Bert & Ernie are Muppets who live on Sesame Street.
  • Ernie’s full name is Ernie Bishop. Ernie Bishop was a character on Coronation Street. He was gunned down. It’s the first television murder I remember seeing (they say you never forget your first) (actually, they don’t say that; I just put it in to be funny) (did it work?).
  • There is a bar called Martini’s. Martini is a drink served in a bar.
  • The young brothers are called George and Harry Bailey. My Dad’s name was George Harry. Sadly, his surname wasn’t Bailey. I did know a Julie Bailey once, if that helps; and there’s a Doctor Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy. I feel like I know her*.
  • The uncle is William Bailey, or Uncle Billy. Bill Bailey. I feel a song coming on. Sung by a long-haired British comedian, English: Bill Bailey Category:Bill Bailey a trilogy by Catherine Cookson and a scene from The West Wing when the character Will Bailey is hazed by the staff.
  • The villian, Potter, is told he will have a Potter’s field someday. Potter’s Field is associated with the death of Judas Iscariot, another villain.
  • Potter’s full name is Henry F. Potter. ‘Harry’ is a nickname for ‘Henry’ so he is the first fictional Harry Potter. The latest Harry Potter film is out and I haven’t seen it yet and that puts me in a very bad mood so the first Harry Potter and I have something in common.**

*Sad, isn’t it?

**That’s not now true; I have seen it; I have loved it; I have seen and loved the one after it; I have hopes the Hub will buy me the box set for Christmas.

Joke 266

15 Dec

Thanks to Wee Scoops for this one.

Mary and Joseph published a child rearing guide online. You’ll find it classed as an e-manual.

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