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More Of The Same

20 Dec
Breakfast 1
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Do you think they’ll find the God Particle?

Depends how well He’s hidden it.

Describe the best breakfast you’ve ever eaten.

The one that someone else cooked.

What do you think of the new posting UI (the thing that happens when you hit the publish button)?


If you’re a WordPress blogger, you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from.

Write about these pictures of unusual structures:

There are some unusual structures to see if you click on the above picture.  Go take a look and come back and tell me all about it.  I never took geography at school and I’m not starting now.

Unless there’s a free field trip on offer…?

Do you think it’s ethical to use unmanned drones in war?

Yes.  Do you know how hard it is to mount a grown man on a bee?

Visit another blog, leave a comment, and post it.

I do this all the time; I don’t think I need to do it especially for the prompt.  It’s a sad blogger that needs to be prompted to do that, don’t you think?  And short-lived.*

*The blog, not the blogger: we don’t send out special killing squads to bloggers too rude to return our visits.  Well, not officially…

How do you stay true to yourself?

I never tell a lie.  No, that’s not true.  I hardly ever tell a lie because I always catch me out and that’s a sad conversation to have with yourself.  I’m pretty strict and I hate sending me to bed without any supper. 

What do you wish you had 300 off?

Is that a hundred more than the 200 off you gave us last time?  I can think of a couple of things.

  • Pounds off an item costing £301.

Oh, you meant, of?

  • Presents under the tree for my children.
  • Presents under the tree for me.
  • Presents under the tree for the Hub; who won’t like most of them and will give them to me.
  • Gerard Butlers.
  • Butlers.

Dear WordPress prompter, I’ll keep saying it until you believe it: ask me the same question, I’ll give you the same answer.

Dear Readers: my answer to this question was funnier last time, if you care to take a look.  I’m snotty, and not just in a condescending way; I’m tired; I’m grumpy; and I don’t have the energy to make more jokes about the same thing.

What was the last noble thing you did?

Answered one WordPress prompt seriously.

Um, I have to go to bed without any supper now.

Here’s the real answer:

Honoured my promise to award a box of Maltesers in my Christmas joke competition. 

The hardest thing I ever did was unclench from the parcel.  Did you ever see a monkey get hold of a nut in a jar?  That was me at the post office last week.

Joke 271

20 Dec

What is a ghost’s favourite Christmas entertainment?

A phantomime!

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