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A Little Perspective

21 Dec

We are all sick with bad colds.  Did I say that all ready?  We are miserable and snotty and tired and grumpy.  Did I mention that, too? 

Stop feeling sorry for us and read this instead:

Now that’s magic: Stockport boy, 14, who lost fingers to meningitis amazes friends with card tricks.

'Magic' Dean Lahan at Stockport School<br /><br />

Dean is the grandson of one my neighbours.  He lost most of his fingers and a leg to meningitis as a toddler.  He is forever in the Stockport Express, having raised funds for various charities. 

I bet he doesn’t let a common cold bug him.  He is a hero.

This Weesk’ CoWaBUnher Has been CXD

21 Dec

I read all of your comments, I think.  I even answered some.  But I have puff-balls for eyes and can’t see past the mucus.  I couldn’t make a decision as to which was the best comment because, by the time I’d stopped to blow my nose, wipe my eyes, cough, cough, cough, blow my eyes, wipe my cough, dry my zone, cough some more, I’d forgotten what I’d read.

Sorry about that.

Joke 272

21 Dec

Thanks to Janie for this one.

How do you wish a sheep a happy Christmas in Spanish?

Fleece Navidad.


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