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Up To Date At Last With The Prompts!

30 Dec

Looking back at Post a Day 2011 — how’d you do?

I did okay.  I have posted 880 times so far this year; and people are still coming back for more.  Who’d have thunk it?


Why is it hard to admit to a mistake?

It isn’t.  Here, I’ll show you:

Wearing an Alice band in my thirties was a huge mistake.  I have Perpetua from Bridget Jones’ Diary to thank for pointing out that particular fashion faux pas (not my first and definitely not my last).  I watched that film for the first time and immediately threw away my extensive Alice band collection.


Would you rather have $50 million or live for an extra 50 years?

I’ll take the dosh.  Getting old hurts; what’s the point of all that extra time if you can’t even afford a pretty male nurse?


Who is the most patient person you know?

The Hub.  He’s been sick forever.


Sometimes you can make a topic appear out of nothing at all. Do the following.
Make sure you are somewhere safe.
Guess how long you can keep your eyes closed.
Close your eyes.
Start counting.
See how long you can go.

Write about any or all of:

How close your guess was to your actual performance.
What thoughts did your mind wander to while you were counting?
Did you feel any fear? Why or why not?



Write a post honoring veterans

No jokes here.  I have written about our brave military, past and present, several times.  I am always moved and honoured by their courage.


If you could change how schools work, what would you change?

Permission to leave at fourteen for the world of work; have the option to go back up to the age of nineteen to complete your studies for free.  No state benefits in between. 

Teenagers don’t want exams, they want money and fun.  Let them work for a few years and discover what they really want out of life.  At least they’d be productive.


Find a word you don’t know, but like, and use it in a short, paragraph length, story, or a clever sentence. This satispassion should indemnify your vocabulary’s indigence.

What an example of aureateness this prompter has come up with!

Terminator (character)

Image via Wikipedia

Write a sequel to your favorite movie.

Terminator 5: John Connor finally nails those buggers.


What was the best book or movie of the year?


You didn’t say which year.


Would you rather have have the ability to slow down time whenever you want, or to speed it up?

Only when I’m answering daft daft prompts.


How do you define your identity?


What else?


Joke 281

30 Dec

Today’s news: Police reinforcements were called to a day care centre.  A three-year-old was resisting a rest.

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