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WordPress, Stop Messing With My Head

16 Jan

I just wrote a post about what may or may not have been my 1500th post.  When I hit ‘Publish’, it appeared in the middle of my blog, as if it had been published on 30 December 2011.

You can read it here.

Or you can tell me to give up blogging if I want to save my sanity. 


Thanks to Nancy’s excellent advice, the previous post is now in its rightful place.

Thanks, Nancy!

1500: Now That’s A Number I Like

16 Jan

This is my 1501st post.  Number 1500 was this morning’s joke.

I started writing this 542 posts ago for my 1000th post because I wanted to give you something special for my 1000th post, but I forgot to finish it.

I thought I’d make it my shortest post as a reward for your tolerance but my shortest post has already been done: you can’t get shorter than no words at all.

I did consider making it my longest post but I want you to stick around for the 2000th, so consider yourselves escaping narrowly.

So, this is my 1501st post…or is it?  According to the patronising WordPress sticker chart that appears each time I publish (Well done!  You have reached your target of 1500 posts.  Your next target is 1505), it is.  But, according to my list of posts, I have published only 1494, and scheduled six.

Look out for a re-blog of this in three days’ time.  Or my foot through the WordPress logo.

Joke 298

16 Jan

My friend drowned in a bowl of muesli.  A strong currant pulled him in.


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