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They Almost Got Me*

23 Jan

Image by Ian W Scott via Flickr

Over on my shockingly neglected poetry blog, I was delighted to read this comment from a new visitor:

Its like you browse my mind!

Every poet hopes to touch their readers in some way, to speak a universal truth.  Then I went to return my perceptive reader’s visit: at genitalwarts.

Spam.  To misquote Tom Arnold in True Lies (he was referring to women):

Spammers!  Can’t live with ’em; can’t kill ’em.

At least it gives me a laugh now and then.


*The spammers; not the genital warts.  Thought I’d better clarify that.

Joke 305

23 Jan

Thanks to Fiona from Wonderfully Wired for this one.

Q: What do you do if you see your husband stumbling around in the front yard?

A: Re-load the shotgun.

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