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Love Many, Trust Few And A Canoe

8 Feb

Image by garryknight via Flickr

Christmas is over and the searches are back to abnormal; here’s a taste of January searches that found my blog:

Now Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

  • boy used as a mop
  • why should you never be friends with someone who does acupuncture?they’re back-stabbers
  • marriage is a relationship where one person is always right and the other is the wife
  • ass making
  • im going bed so shut up
  • love many, trust few and a canoe

That’s A Bit Grim

  • road accident comics
  • iron poo
  • pictures of fluffy black hair on a man
  • animated horse poop gif

That’s A Bit Grin

  • funny cartoon with teeth spacing

I Only Do Dogs And Gerbils

  • cows don’t eat me
  • funny reddit cat pooping
  • a camel walks into a bar
  • news years resolution monkey

Weird People

  • red man syndrome
  • dear scientists your mother thinks i’m big enough
  • man in love with parrot

That’s No Laughing Matter

  • jokes about maltesers

Bet They Got A Shock When They Saw My Paperless Walls

  • stripping housewife

Too Much Dusting, Obviously

  • housewife talking about her lobotomy
  • housewife superhero
  • chubby wife share

Seems A Bit Of A Waste

  • is it true that if you place a fresh viagra tablet in a houseplant’s soil every six months, the plant will not wilt.

Things I’d Like To See

  • julia roberts fat
  • abraham lincoln kayaking

Joke 321

8 Feb

Grandpa: Boy, how many miles do you walk to school?

Boy: About a half mile.

Grandpa: When I was your age I walked eight miles to school every day. Boy, what are your grades like?

Boy: Mostly Bs.

Grandpa: When I was your age I got all As. Boy, have you ever gotten into a fight?

Boy: Only two times and the boy beat me up each time.

Grandpa: When I was your age I was in a fight every day and I won. Boy, how old are you?

Boy: 9 years old.

Grandpa: When I was your age I was 11

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