Polls & Up The Pole (I Must Be)

6 Mar
Six degrees of separation.

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Results are in!

According to my readers, the correct definition of the word eubodicly is:

A particularly successful bowel motion

That’s about your level, I guess.

Did I mention that mine was the vote that tipped the balance?


You guys are cheats, or I am slow: there is no six degrees of separation now that Google is King.  Many of you found Shanea Vernon by typing her name and clicking search.  Have you no romance in your internet-withered souls?

Well done to Aquatom, at least, who knows Kevin Bacon via the movie Mystic River, which he hasn’t seen (it’s too complicated to explain; read his comment here).

I emailed my friend to ask her to get her Louse to check the business card for details (which I did not want to do, believing that the six degree thing was more fun.  Apparently I’m alone in that), and it is indeed the Shanea Vernon who works for Entertainmentpc, though she is now the managing member, not a sales representative.  I think it is party planning.

I have requested to become her friend on Facebook.  If she accepts, and I don’t get locked up for stalking, I’ll explain to her how a stranger in Stockport came to know of her existence on the other side of the world, and proceeded to tell the whole world about her.  If I’m still not locked up for stalking, I believe she’ll be happy, because any publicity is good publicity, right?  Right?

Where’s my orange jumpsuit?

26 Responses to “Polls & Up The Pole (I Must Be)”

  1. judithatwood at 12:19 #

    Stride forward and fear no prison — if she does not understand, she may be a soulless woman who probably needs something really happy in her life!


  2. McGuffyAnn at 13:44 #

    I so very much wish I could spend a day with you.
    What will you do next? You should have a book or TV show or something.


  3. jmgoyder at 14:40 #



  4. eof737 at 15:18 #

    Cheats!? Au contraire! 😦


  5. laurieanichols at 15:46 #

    I’m with you, the finding of Shanea was too quick and too easy. There is something to be said about the romance of a good intrigue. I think that it’s a fantastic idea to tell Shanae all about the story, she’ll get a kick out of it and you’ll get another follower of your great blog.


  6. Hooray, you found Shanea. I will vouch for you. You are not a stalker, just confused. You stopped taking your pills again???

    Kevn Bacon indeed. Did you see him in ‘Animal House’? He’s the git last seen lying on the pavement crushed by the fleeing mob. Dianne


    • Tilly Bud at 13:10 #

      I never saw that movie. Seen him in everything else, though 😉


  7. Pseu at 18:18 #



  8. Al at 20:23 #

    Cousin Tilly!! I knew it!


  9. Tom (Aquatom1968) at 22:57 #

    Tilly, you should tell her that you now know Kevin Bacon too, which may make you seem less of a stalker if she were to think that you are one. And if you are arrested for it, you could tell the officers that too! 😉


    • Tilly Bud at 13:14 #

      Thanks for the advice, Tom. Erm…do you know a good lawyer?


  10. kateshrewsday at 23:30 #

    Ooh, coming here is like following a complicated but engrossing soap….


    • Tilly Bud at 13:18 #

      Not sure if I’m pleased or offended. If I get millions of hits as a result, I’ll be pleased, I think 😉


  11. Aspergers Girls at 23:45 #

    I knew that one would win! LOL



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