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Stay Awake Repo Elf

2 Apr

Here are just a few of the searches that found my blog in March.  Is it me, or are they getting weirder?

And I Thought I Was Addicted

  • malteser gingerbread woman
  • what font is the maltesers writing

Some Peculiar Advice

  • oi your fat

 Advice I’d Rather Not Have To Give To My Readers

  • stay awake

I Totally Get Why They Found Me

  • cutest dogs in the world
  • smiling freak
  • yorkie poo cartoon
  • arm fart jokes

I’m Worried That They Found Me

  • julie christie nude
  • i have wet myself
  • girl on computer other man in room cheating
  • i wear husband’s socks
  • human cartoon from backside
  • armpit sniffing pictures
  • eat your own dog cartoons

That Last One Was Terrifying Until I Realised Someone Was Just Typing Too Fast

  • eat your own dog food cartoons

Even Santa Is Affected By The Recession

  • repo elf

Meet My Children

  • handsome lads from england

And The Award For The Most Unfortunate Use Of A Punctuation Mark Goes To…

  • to his dog every man is napoleon-aldous huxley

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know

  • julia roberts dont wax
  • i’m tired of my complaining husband

Did He Really?

  • gary larson ground beef

Plain Weird

  • tweet your man get marriage with forty yard woman
  • lets eat your mum cannibals
  • david cameron giggling
  • house wife armpit photos
  • leatherhousewife
  • kink video chat rooms gerbil

My Favourite Search Of The Month (And Possibly Of All Time)

  • i dread the day that i accidentally say something to you that i only learnt by stalking you

Joke 375

2 Apr
Theme The Flintstones cafeteria and bar in Agi...

Theme The Flintstones cafeteria and bar in Agia Napa Republic of Cyprus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks to Tinman for this one.

What’s the difference between people from Riyadh and people from Abu Dhabi?

People from Riyadh don’t watch The Flintstones, but people from Abu Dhabi do.

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