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Kanye Luvs Kim 4EVR

7 Apr

Big news, if you’re into all that celebrity junk: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are an item.

According to The Sun:

The flirty pair were spotted holding hands on a cinema trip in New York on Wednesday

[…] Kanye, 34, has written how smitten he is in a new song.

He and reality telly star Kim, 31, have been linked since 2010.

Their romance hit a duff note when she briefly wed baseball star Kris Humphries.

Marrying someone else…yeah, that’ll kill the romance every time.

Read This

7 Apr

Read This, Please. 

Please Read This.

If you never read anything I write ever again, please read this:

I’m Christian, unless you’re gay.

I didn’t write it, Single Dad Laughing did, five months ago.  I just read it now.  Everybody should read it.  And share it.

There were many responses, but this one made me cry:

A Teen’s Brave Response to “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay”

Read it.



Joke 380

7 Apr

Ripcord time

A skydiver is enjoying his free-fall, when he realizes that he has reached the altitude where he must open his parachute.  He pulls the ripcord but nothing happens.  “No problem,” he says to himself,  “I still have my emergency chute.”  So he pulls the ripcord on his emergency parachute, and once again, nothing happens.  Now the man begins to panic.  “What am I going to do?”  He thinks.  “I’m a goner.”

Just then, he sees a man flying up from the earth toward him.  He can’t figure out where this man is coming from or what he’s doing, but he says to himself, “I hope he can help me.  If he can’t, then I’m in real trouble.”  When the man gets close enough to him, the skydiver cups his hands and shouts, “Hey, do you know anything about parachutes?”

The man coming up cups his hands and yells back, “No! Do you know anything about gas stoves?”

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