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Almost Done!

21 Apr

Dear Readers, thanks for your patience.

My little project is almost finished.  I calculate I need another three days, but I’m taking the weekend off to answer your comments – it’s going to take me a whole weekend.  What nice readers you are, talking to me as if I’m here.

As a thank you, here are some blogging jokes that will only be appreciated by bloggers.  They are from cartoons I found on the internet (bloggers don’t seem to write their own jokes about blogging; why is that?).  The links can be found at the bottom of the post.


mappa_blog (Photo credit: francescopozzi)


Blogger one: I have nothing to say.

Blogger Two: You should blog about it.


Employee One to Employee Two: It’s time for my monthly report.  What’s a productive way of saying, ‘Surfed the web and hung out in chat rooms?’


How many Bloggers does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one, but at least six others have to write lengthy postings about the political ramifications of why we should even have the light bulb in the first place.


Husband to Angry Wife: Of course I remembered our anniversary.  Didn’t you see my pingback this morning?


What’s the difference between a blog and roadkill?

Fewer hits before it starts stinking.


What’s the difference between starting a blog and going crazy?

One is a disorder caused by a severe personality imbalance and the other is a disorder caused by a severe personality imbalance.


For the sources of these jokes (and the place to leave your outraged comments) go here:

For more Six Word Saturdays go here


Joke 394

21 Apr

Thanks to Sidey for this one.

I was walking in a cemetery this morning and saw a bloke hiding behind a gravestone. “Morning,” I said.

“No” he replied, “just having a pee.”

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