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Famous With Sweaty Armpits

1 May

It’s the first of the month, and that means it is:

 Searches That Found My Blog Day


Axilla hairy Português: Axila peluda

Axilla hairy Português: Axila peluda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I get why this might be your first stop

  • no music no life
  • terrible cook
  • famous with sweaty armpits
  • freeporncartoons
  • someone eating maltesers
  • “a hairier chest”
  • woman in pyjamas
  • our top 10 armpit disasters

The only kind we see in Stockport

  • cartoon sun
  • gay frogs
  • long arm quilter
  • clear hub express
  • worm telling jokes

The only kind we see in this house

  • funny marriage
  • best boy armpits
  • couple arguing
  • ugly person with big teeth

She’s not from Stockport

  • ugly sunburnt girl

Neither is he

  • laughing johnny in runcorn

A natural progression

  • man wife mall
  • never argue with an idiot
  • downhill my wife my home my car
  • my wife ran away with my best friend

Trace it to where?

  • trace a crocodile foot

By ‘everyone’ I assume you mean ‘husband’?

  • everyone yelling at girl after marriage

The first rule is: there are no rules

  • rule of marriage humor

Signs of what, exactly?

  • signs – kids with foil on head
Stockport Pyramid

Stockport Pyramid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thanks for nothing; now I need to know the answer

  • why does the top of one of the middle pyramid look different
  • one boob said to the other
  • why are my legs hairless after menopause?

And I thought I had a big appetite

  • lets eat benimar

Is there anyone left alive who might know this?

  • noah’s ark birthday invitation wording

A little too specific for my liking

  • south indian older actress armpit
  • sean bean death statistics funny

What; like a tattoo, you mean?

  • cartoons on engineers

Joke 404

1 May

A boss was worried that his employees had no respect for him so he posted a sign on his door: 

I’m the Boss.

The next day he arrived at his office to find a note taped underneath: 

Your wife called.  She wants her sign back.

Crusader Graffiti in the Church of the holy Su...

Crusader Graffiti in the Church of the holy Supulchure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This joke reminds me of a piece of graffiti I once read about.

Poster on a wall:

The meek shall inherit the earth.

Written underneath:

If that’s okay with the rest of you.


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