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Nice Day For A White Wedding

1 Jun

Restless Jo in Portugal posted her wedding photos and asked her readers to do the same.  Click on the link if you want to join in.  Please!  I’d love to see your wedding photos.  You choose from which marriage 😉

As chance would have it, it’s my 27th wedding anniversary today (it’s the Hub’s as well, but don’t remind him; he’s miserable enough).  To celebrate, here are some photos.  They are not very good because the photographer was really bad and the Hub winces when he looks at them.

At least, I think that’s why he winces…

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Robert Pattinson With Small Hairs

1 Jun
Underarm Hair

Underarm Hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s the first of the month which means…time to look at the searches which found my blog in May.

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Someone Has A Fetish

  • hairy nude women armpits
  • armpit draw
  • robert pattinson with small hairs 
  • girls that dont shave arms
  • wet armpit porn
  • kerala house wife sweaty armpit
  • air in arm pits girls 
  • bushy sweaty arm pits men
  • freak americans dont shave armpits
  • irish women don’t shave
  • kids longest arm hair
  • demi moore striptease hairy
  • welding women dont shave
  • fat taxi dog hairy
  • armpitcartoons

And So Does Someone Else

  • fat getting washed
  • fat under armpit
  • jessica roberts armpit
  • wrinkles on armpits
  • armpit famous
  • arm pit fat

And Here’s Another

  • hairy people farting
  • people with severe farting
  • summer fart
  • diana fart

I’m Afraid To Ask

  • sons sagging without underwear
  • old wooden leg
  • kids smiling with nasty teeth
  • magnetic chickens in love
  • paul’s shattered legs misery

If Wishing Made It So…

  • beat the grim reaper
  • julia roberts fat

It’s Always About The Specifics

  • yorkshire gay
  • good looking family man with folded legs
  • born without my left arm smiling
  • bud lite song: nick nack patty wack give a dog a bone, i dont want to talk about it politics 
  • chinese girls dissecting animals

I See Why They Ended Up Here

  • frustrated woman in front of a computer
  • laughing into the washing machine

I Know A Good Idea When I Hear One

  • maltesers sandwich
  • fish spelling

Size Or Psychic?  (This Is The Internet; It Could Be Either)

  • medium cats

Seems Like A Fair Swap

  • carrots for tortoise


Joke 435

1 Jun
Brian the Snail 1

Brian the Snail 1 (Photo credit: jovike)

And another from Cliff, also adapted.


The Hub’s racing snail is not winning races anymore.  He decided to take its shell off to reduce its weight and make him more aerodynamic.

It didn’t work.  If anything, it made him more sluggish.



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