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Diamond Jubilee Weekend.

2 Jun
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II X

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God Save Our Gracious Queen!

I know it’s five words, not six, but we British are famous for understatement.

There are over nine thousand street parties planned over the next few days, not one of them in my area.  There is a Jubilee picnic at my church, which I had planned to attend; but I received an invitation to my great-nephew’s christening, and I want to go to that.

I’ll be spending the day looking forward, not back.  Not a bad way to approach life.


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Joke 436

2 Jun



These are not really jokes, but they are amusing all the same.  They come courtesy of my dear friend Vivinfrance.  Enjoy!

In the English language newspaper Connexion in December there was a list of the howlers of baccalaureat (Bac-a-laugh-a-lot) candidates.

  • A square is a rectangle with one side a bit shorter
  • The 100 Years War lasted from 1914 to 1918
  • Napoleon was his grandfather’s nephew
  • The Normandy landings took place in England
  • The Maginot Line was built to keep out an invasion of German tourists
  • Plankton was an old Greek philosopher
  • The Egyptians transformed dead people into mummies so as to keep them alive
  • The Armistice is a war which ends each year on November 11
  • China is the country with the biggest population: one billion per square kilometre
  • Dolmens were kind of bus shelters every 100 metres
  • To make eggs, the hen has to be fermented by the cockerel
  • In the Roman circus, the radiators ate the lions to make people laugh
  • The successor of Lenin was Stallone
  • Asphyxia is a heart attack while breathing electric current
  • It is forbidden to arrest someone in their absence
  • When the hunting season is closed, it is strictly forbidden to open it.
  • In the Middle Ages, fire made smoke.
  • Children are often born young.
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