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Our Diamond Jubilee Picnic

4 Jun

I never got to the christening: although we Brits do pomp and pageantry extremely well – one thousand-boat flotilla, anyone? – we’re not so hot on public transport.  The earliest bus to get me to the church on time left on Saturday night.  I went to my church, instead; and to the picnic afterwards. 

One of our oldest members.

The service was nice; we finished by singing the national anthem.  I can’t remember the last time I sang it outside of my house – we Brits aren’t hot on national fervour; unless there’s a football involved. 

Our vicar!

And we’re definitely not hot on weather, unless you like your rain torrential.  We had to hold an indoor picnic.  The church needs new lighting and my camera is small, so the pics are not great, but you’ll get the flavour of the day.

Fancy dress was optional but most of us chose to wear red, white and blue.  I wore a white top under my red blouse but you can’t see it in the photos.  I raided my hair box for patriotic colours: 

I’m not big on style, but at least I’m enthusiastic.

Master of Ceremonies Mark and Arthur the Fox, who made the suit himself, were the sartorial winners of the day:

I made the mistake of stepping up when the call came out for volunteers.  It was a drinking contest.  This was church, however, so it was Adam’s Ale: we had to drink a bottle of water – from a baby’s bottle. 

That was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done – my jaw ached for an hour.  No wonder babies fall asleep when they feed; they’re exhausted. 

Photo Copyright Pam Robinson

I needed the drink after all the food:







And guess what?  I won!  Here’s my prize (from Google, because my picture was dreadful):

 After pass-the-parcel, we just had time for a natter before heading home. 

 I spent the afternoon watching the Thames Pageant on tv.  The Queen (86) and the Duke of Edinburgh (91 next Sunday) stood the whole time.  According to Wikipedia, Prince Philip is the United Kingdom’s longest-serving consort and the oldest serving spouse of a reigning British monarch.   I bet most of that service happened yesterday afternoon – 1000 boats take a long time to travel up the Thames. 

I recorded the end and intend to fast-forward through it this afternoon.  Diamond Jubilees are all very well, but I wanted my dinner.

Joke 438

4 Jun


visual pun - 2

visual pun – 2 (Photo credit: drwhimsy)

The first pun is so bad, I’m giving you another to compensate.  From Pun of the Day, if you want to complain.


I find that movies about submarines always go down well.


If you need something done, call an electrician – they conduit.

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