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The Olympic Torch Relay: Day 37 – Stockport

24 Jun

That’s today; and we were there!  Big crowd; lots of happy faces; hand slapping policemen; no trouble.

Spud was at his prom last night; the Hub was kept awake by leg problems; I had the worst night’s sleep I have ever known; but we all dragged ourselves out of bed at seven this morning and made our way into Stockport to watch the Olympic Torch pass through our town.  It’s unlikely to happen again in our lifetime, so how could we not?

We parked near Stockport College (hooray for the Hub’s disabled badge!) and it was a short walk down Greek Street to join the crowd lining the A6 (Wellington Road). 

Spud and I found a gap at the crossing and wedged ourselves in; the Hub chatted with some police officers then disappeared with his camera.  That’s normal.

Lots of people had flags but we didn’t.  I had £1.56 in my pocket so I sent Spud to a man selling Union Flags, but they cost £2.  The seller, having true Brit spirit i.e. the soul of a banker, refused to give Spud a discount, so we were flagless.  Ah well; that’s why God gave us hands.

The atmosphere was happy and chatty.  Strangers talked to each other without embarrassment.  I had to check the flags to make sure I was in Britain.  The crowd around us designated Spud as chief looker outer, pushing him into the busiest road in Stockport every couple of minutes to see if anything was coming. 

The crowd was well-behaved – we are British, after all; standing in polite lines is what we do best.

Once the Coca Cola bus passed us, there were a few mistaken cheers for ordinary traffic, but then the parade was upon us.   Policemen on huge motorbikes slapped the hands of people en route; one even stopped for a minute to high-five a bunch of children.

Everybody in every vehicle waved to everyone in the crowd; apart from the passengers of a 192 bus, which had been accidentally caught up in the parade.  They got the biggest cheer of the day, because the British love a cock-up.  Apart from this Brit, who gave the Hub a good telling-off for not taking a picture of it.

I glanced up at the Town Hall clock as the torch approached, and it passed us at 8:30 a.m.  I think the bearer was Chris Collins, 21.

We left the house at eight and we were home by 8:55, eating a Christmas breakfast (toast on a shared plate) and drying off the effects of a British summer. 


Joke 458

24 Jun
Big Tasty Sandwich

Big Tasty Sandwich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From my friend Michelle.



A sandwich walks into a bar.  He opens his mouth to order and the bartender says, “Sorry; we don’t serve food in here.”



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