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Someone Stole The Internet

3 Jul
Internets = Parody motivator.

Internets = Parody motivator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Going to post this unedited just to make sure you get it; then I’ll fix it if I’m still here.

Woke up early this morning feeling horrible: D-Day* had arrived; or, more accurately, RCT-Day**. 

*Dentist Day

**Root Canal Treatment Day.  Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?

Turned to my beloved internet for comfort, only to find that the internet had disappeared.  It didn’t work on any of the four computers, three phones and two consoles I tried.

Quickly kicked the Hub out of bed to investigate.  Investigations turned up the fact that the internet had disappeared.

Hub called Virgin. 

Virgin said, ‘Can’t come ’til Thursday.’

Hub said, ‘But my wife will kill me.’

Virgin said, ‘Can’t come ’til Thursday.’

Hub sent Spud to tell me the bad news.

Hub lives; but only because  I can’t find him.

Went to dentist.

Came home.

Internet back on; Hub lives to quake another day.

Internet may not stay on, so please bear with me.

Joke 467

3 Jul


English: Johann Gottfried Schuncke (1777 - 186...

English: Johann Gottfried Schuncke (1777 – 1861) and his wife Elisabeth at their golden wedding anniversary 11. April 1860 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



To celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary, a couple returned to their honeymoon hotel. After retiring to bed, the wife said, “Darling, do you remember how you stroked my hair?” and so he stroked her hair.

She reminded him of the way they had cuddled, and so they did. Then, with a sigh, she whispered, “Won’t you nibble my ear again?”

With that, the husband got out of bed and left the room.

“Where are you going?” cried the wife.

“To get my teeth,” he said.

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