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Interview With The Grannymar

25 Jul


I think interviewing other bloggers is a nice idea.  I will be doing it intermittently and I will begin with Grannymar.  It is her reward for guessing correctly that I speak the truth, nineteen out of twenty times.

I had better start with another truth: Grannymar is an imposter – she’s not a real granny; it’s a nickname:

The name Grannymar (one word) was conferred on  me when I was in my early twenties and I love it. The guy who gave me that handle nowadays drives a 100 miles to take me to lunch and then drives all the way back home again!  

Can you believe that?  She gets a free lunch!

Grannymar has a great blog; see it here.  She posts photos from her travels, especially of sculptures, which I love.  She talks about her life; she shares recipes; she tells jokes (many of which you will have seen on this blog); and she has an active social life with her toyboys.  

Let’s ask her a few questions:

How many colours has your hair been?

My father always referred to my rich auburn hair as my ‘crowning glory’!  (A girl needs some help when she is as thin as a skeleton with the covering skin the colour of putty with a supersized coating of dirty freckles in summertime!)  With the years nature has slowly faded the freckles and the colour from my hair, the gold has turned to silver about my face, but from the back view it now looks like dark brown.  Tilly, I suppose the question you are really asking is if I ever added colour to my locks?  The answer is: No. I never had any desire to.

Who is the most annoying celebrity?  Why?

Since I do not have a television – by choice – I manage to avoid being force-fed what so-called celebs are doing, wooing, eating, not eating, or generally how they are misbehaving.  So I am really unable to answer this one.

How do you cook eggs?

I love eggs boiled, baked or even caked, but when time is at a premium an omelette makes a quick and tasty meal.  Two or three eggs broken into a bowl and mixed with a fork to break the yolks and barely mix them through the whites (DO NOT BEAT).  Pour onto a hot greased pan and working quickly, draw the setting egg in towards the centre with a spatula, then tilt the pan to spread the uncooked liquid egg.  Repeat until all the ‘runny’ mixture has gone.  Sprinkle with scraps of chopped cooked ham, spring onions, tomatoes, cooked mushrooms or cheese.  A little filling goes a long way.  Fold over in half and serve with a salad or chips if you are feeling naughty.  Serve immediately!

Karaoke: with or without alcohol?

I do take a drink, but it is not necessary for me to be a fun player.

I have been to Karaoke, called to the stage, and tried to sing!  It was when Elly, my daughter, was at University in Scotland.  Back in those days I earned my stripes on my visits to see her, by being dragged to the students union, karaoke, pub quiz evenings & Sunday brunches where they read the papers and did the crosswords.  The excuse for bringing me was that I would be able to answer the ‘old’ questions!  Some of the grey cells still work! 😉

Can you do a foreign accent?

I do try, but it works best if I am imitating someone I know from another country.

Will you share an embarrassing moment?

Only one?  My life has been full of embarrassing moments but most have been chronicled on my blog (I am not shy!).  I am struggling to think of one not written about already. Nothing new comes to mind so in true Blue Peter  style I will give you a link to one I prepared earlier: An Idea  

Tell us something about yourself you haven’t yet shared in your blog.

After six years? My blog is me! I have at this stage even morphed into my blog handle. Now let me see….

I have a scar on one of my fingers from the time I broke a caravan window trying to reach a toyboy… I was inside and he was outside….

Now you will have to wait for the full story until I blog about it!!

What would you give up rather than your computer?


How do you feel about misplaced apostrophes?

As somebody who has and still struggles with spelling and grammar, if I was to worry about misplaced apostrophes…I would never open the laptop!

I get my message across in my own way.

Tell us why we should read your blog.

Because it is another wet day and you cannot go out to play!

Because I spout some rubbish almost everyday.

Because you can read about my Toyboys – but no stealing!!

And finally…

Because I offer you a very warm welcome.


And as an honest blogger, I can verify that last statement.  Go on over to Granny’s blog and say hello.  You’ll get a warm welcome!


All photographs copyright and courtesy of Grannymar.


Joke 489

25 Jul


Sunset Cosmetology School students learning ho...

Sunset Cosmetology School students learning how to apply face cream, Arvin, Calif., 1946 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Will & Guy.

Little Michael watched, fascinated, as his mother smoothed cold cream on her face.  “Why do you do that, Mummy?” he asked.  

“To make myself beautiful,” said his mother, who then began removing the cream with a tissue.  

“What’s the matter?” asked little Michael.  “Giving up?”


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