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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

1 Aug

The Hub and I at (then) Jan Smuts Airport, November 1988.  We were flying to the UK for Christmas, paid for by the compensation the Hub  received for his motorbike accident the previous year.

I LOVED that jacket.

Spud as Willy Wonker for school Book Day, 2006.

Tory Boy with obligatory balloon on his 16th birthday.

The Hub loves Rolf Harris’s art so he wrote to him, asking for a caricature.  To make things fair, the Hub drew a caricature of himself and sent it to Rolf with his request.

Mr H obliged by return post, and sent this photo of himself (in purple shirt), with the caricature in the top right of the picture. What a nice man.

The Hub slowed down the shutter for this picture of a Buxton river. Or maybe he shut down the slower?  I don’t know: pens are my forte, not cameras. 

Joke 496

1 Aug
A single reed bulb horn.

A single reed bulb horn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two cute ones from Will & Guy.


Nicola, eight years old, told her parents that David Parsons had kissed her after lessons.

“How did that happen?” asked her mother.

“It wasn’t easy,” admitted the young lady, “but three girls helped me catch him.”

Daddy was driving with five-year old Alice one day, and honked his car horn by mistake.

Alice turned and looked at Daddy for an explanation.

Daddy:  I did that by accident.

Alice:  I know that, Daddy.

Daddy:  How do you know?

Alice:  Because you didn’t say ‘IDIOT!’ afterwards.


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