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Weekly Writing Challenge: A Few Of My Favourite Things

4 Sep
The Sound of Music LP cover (UK edition).

The Sound of Music LP cover (UK edition). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am not a photographer but I participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge.

I am a writer but I have not yet accepted any of the WordPress writing challenges.

Being awkward with authority is one of my favourite things to do.




Other favourite things (I think you’ll know some of these):

  • Laughing
  • Maltesers
  • Eating
  • Eating Maltesers
  • Eating Maltesers and laughing to myself that they are mine, just mine

The Sound of Music immediately came to mind when reading this challenge, of course.  It is in my Top Thirteen Films list so it is sort of a favourite but doesn’t compare with my favourite love story, The Terminator (Top One).  Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger twirling in a nun’s habit and singing around a mountain top.

It could happen – he is Austrian, after all.  And after what Baz Luhrmann did to TSoM in Moulin Rouge (Top Seven), I realise anything is possible.  When an unconscious Argentinian makes Roxanne sexier than it ever was when performed by the worthy Sting in his Police days, I know that Baz is now my new favourite director.

Maybe I should look at some of my un-favourite things:

I’m not a fan of raindrops on roses (too wet) and whiskers on kittens (too tickley), bright copper kettles (nobody better expect me to clean them) and warm woollen mittens (can’t open a Malteser packet with a thumb and one massive finger), or brown paper packages tied up with strings (sellotape, people, sellotape!  How else do you keep thieving post office workers out?).

I once read that sellotape (sticky tape for non-Brits) in Australia is the brand name of a product designed to keep millions of critters out…  

Are there any Australian readers who can confirm or deny that?  (Asking my readers for help is one of my favourite things to do).

Cream colored ponies are okay, I suppose, but think of the mucking out; crisp apple strudels don’t do it for me the way Maltesers do, so why bother? Doorbells: not if they are anything like mine – it kills batteries and whenever it is pressed, you can hear the murder taking place, long after the visitor has departed.  Sleigh bells are okay if they come with gifts.  Schnitzel with noodles – more foreign food that I won’t eat in place of my favourite food.

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings: sounds so romantic, until you hear them honk! honk! honk! overhead, look up, and narrowly miss being splattered with what you don’t like about cream coloured ponies.

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes – Maria obviously didn’t do the laundry Chez Von Trapp.  Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes…frostbite, anyone?  Silver white winters that melt into springs, with its accompanying slush – grey, dirty, ugly?  Pass.

That Maria – you can tell she never lived in the real world.  I think The Sound of Music just got relegated to my Top 100 Films.  

I like to be positive so I’ll leave you with my favourite-ever thing to do: write a stream of consciousness post like this one, and giggle to myself as I wonder what readers will make of the sound of musings.

Joke 530

4 Sep
Weddings 2011

Weddings 2011 (Photo credit: The Style PA)

Another one from sarasotaweddingjokes.

A minister was called to a local nursing home to perform a wedding. An anxious old man met him at the door.  The pastor sat down to counsel the old man and ask several questions. 

“Do you love her?” 

The old man replied, “I guess.” 

“Is she a good woman?” 

“I don’t know for sure,” the old man answered. 

“Does she have lots of money?” asked the pastor, grasping now. 

“I doubt it.” 

“Then why are you marrying her?” the baffled preacher asked. 

“She can drive at night,” the old man said.


“Women with pasts interest men…they hope history will repeat itself.”
Mae West.


”My boyfriend and I broke up. He wanted to get married and I didn’t want him to.”
Rita Rudner.


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