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Poo Picks

15 Sep


Time to vote:

pick a title

If you have arrived here from Six Word Saturday, here’s a quick catch-up: I intend to publish a book of poems about poo and I need a good title.

Thank you to everyone who left wonderful and funny and wonderfully funny suggestions.  I had intended to include them all in the poll, but I was showered with names and the poll would have been too long, like those cold calls you get that swear it will only take five minutes and by the time you get off the phone your children have grown up and left home.

I had to make an arbitrary selection and this judge’s decision is absolutely final. Unless you want to take a look at the original post, see what I’ve left out, and make a formal request to have your favourite included.



Joke 541

15 Sep


Australia 2009

Australia 2009 (Photo credit: stoofstraat)

Thanks to Lindsay in Australia for this one, my new favourite joke.

I got a call the other day from an old friend I’d lost touch with. 

She said she was holidaying nearby at a nudist retreat and asked, “Would you come visit me this weekend?”  I said, “Why not?  I’ve got nothing on.” 


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