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I Don’t Get Out Much

19 Sep


Pardon me for still harping on the subject of Pseu’s visit, but this post is especially for Dianne at Schmidley’s Scribbling, who commented:


[T]he food platters look nice, but what are those round brown things on the end of the plate? They look like miniature Yorkshire puddings or something else. Suspicious given the topics of your last few blogs.



Dianne – they are pork pies: thick, inedible pastry filled with gross cuts of pork (maybe) and a disgusting jelly.  They are a popular British snack, particularly at parties.

The Hub and I went sandwich ingredient shopping the day before Pseu came. The Hub spotted some scotch eggs.


Scotch eggs

Scotch eggs (Photo credit: mynameisrichard)


HUB:  Let’s get some scotch eggs.

TLH:  Scotch eggs!  I’m not buying scotch eggs!  She’ll think we’re good northern stock.

HUB: We are good northern stock.

TLH:  Yes, but we don’t have to boast about it.  Anyway, when have we ever eaten scotch eggs?

HUB:  I love scotch eggs!

TLH:  You never eat them!

HUB:  You never buy them.  There’s a difference.

TLH:  I’m not buying them now, either.


We settled for pork pies – a more refined northern delicacy.

Pseu ate one.

I didn’t; I don’t like them.  I may be of good northern stock , but I have taste.


Joke 545

19 Sep

Thanks to Katherine Trauger at Home’s Cool for this one.


English: Image illustrating the different type...

English: Image illustrating the different types of hearing aids. Retrieved from on November 25th, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A man who was profoundly hearing-impaired made a long trip to the big city to obtain one of the miraculous new hearing aids that was supposed to be just what he needed to be able to hear again. Even before he left the office, he began experiencing sounds he had never dreamed of and marvelled at all he had been missing in the world of sound.  

After the fitting the doctor told him to return in a week to discuss adjustments.  

When the one-week check up was near the end, the doctor asked him, “Well, how did your family react to your new ability to hear? Were they as excited as I am?”  

The man replied, “Oh, I haven’t told them yet.  But I’ve got an appointment with a lawyer to change my will next week.”

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