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Six Word Saturday (For Want Of A Better Title)

20 Oct

Hub still ill.  

I’m still laughing.

Today’s post is late because I was at a half-day conference on laughter this morning.  Funnily enough, it was quite serious.

I came back to no internet.  That’s just not funny.

Hub is still in bed after five days, but on the mend.  We have decided that he has not caught my bug, after all, because he shows no sign of excessive nasal leaking. Also, his lips are blistered and his mouth full of sores, neither of which I had.  

I gleefully informed him that he can stop blaming me for making him ill.

He gleefully replied that he’ll probably pass his germs on to me.

Funny, I was just starting to like him.

Joke 576

20 Oct

Teller Erbsensuppe, pea soup

Teller Erbsensuppe, pea soup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Q: What’s the difference between pea soup and roast beef?

A: Anyone can roast beef.

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