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9 Nov

I see what I did there…


Gremlin (Photo credit: inkognitoh)

Breathe easy, the gremlin lives.

It was, uh, me.  I did it.  It’s a fair cop.

Seems I tried to add a new page instead of add a new post <blush>

I wiped out my own text and new page pages don’t have the same features as new post pages.  Whoops.  Sorry about that.

It’s not the first problem I’ve had with my electric life this week.  A good friend sent me an Amazon gift certificate for a poetry book for my Kindle.  I had real trouble getting the book because I did it through my Kindle at first and it came off my credit card so then I reversed it and tried to buy it online and it wouldn’t let me because it said I had already bought it.  

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

Cover via Amazon

Then I spent a day fretting about how to use the gift voucher and sending emails to Amazon whose reply was useless.  This morning, I took another look at the Amazon email about the voucher and noticed a handy little button, ‘Apply gift certificate to your account’.  Did that first and then purchased the book and now it should be on my Kindle.

Small panic break.
It’s not there!
Small think break.
It might appear if I turn the wifi on…
I’m such a Dodo.

I may be out of action for the next few days while I punish myself for losing good text.  Actually, for the purposes of this post it was great text, the best text I’ve ever written: witty, erudite, informative.  

Now it’s gone forever.  Remember – I did say that no one messes with my blog posts and gets away with it.  I’m scrupulously fair, if technologically stupid.

Somebody find me a gremlin and a whip.  One of us is going to suffer today, that’s for sure.  

Today’s Post Is Cancelled

9 Nov

Gremlin (Photo credit: clumsy_juggler)

while I seek out and destroy the WordPress gremlin who killed the post I was going to post today.

I did everything right – I saved the post after each paragraph, like I always do. When I noticed errors during proofreading, I fixed and saved, as always.  I tried out various photos in various places until I was satisfied.  

Then half my text disappeared.

Not a problem, I told myself; no need to panic.  Just go to the earlier drafts at the bottom of the page and retrieve it.

I scrolled down.

No earlier drafts.  What’s going on?

A gremlin is going to suffer a terrible fate today and no mistake.  No one messes with my blog posts and lives to talk about it.

Joke 596

9 Nov

From Will & Guy: some church magazine snippets.

1577 - Church Supper magazine?

  • New Carpet: There will be a discussion in May as to how we might raise funds for the new carpet.  All who wish to do something on the carpet should come forward and do so now.
  • Baptisms: From now on, the North and South ends of the church will be utilised. Children will be baptised at both ends.
  • Try our healing services.  You won’t get better.
  • The rosebud on the altar this morning is to announce the birth of Roderick James Hillman, the sin of Revd. and Mrs. Hillman.

And a joke:

The Reverend Douglas Johnston was driving home from church when he had a minor bump with a cyclist, who was knocked off his bike into the ditch.

The Vicar stopped his car, got out and apologised.  He gave the cyclist his calling card, saying that if he could ever be of help, then the man should not hesitate to ask.

As the man rode home he looked at the card which said, The Reverend Douglas Johnston is sorry he missed you today.


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