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On Lies And Looking Good

3 Dec
"it's a small world holiday"

“it’s a small world holiday” (Photo credit: andy castro)

I’m going to tell you a lie now:

Sorry for messing you about with my blog look.

I’m just being polite: I’m not sorry at all.

In a comment the other day, I admired the look of his blog over at Wellheregoes. Tom (aka Aquatom; though I don’t know why, because he’s not at all wet) changes his look frequently, always custom-made.  I like that.  I said so.

The wonderful Tom – in fact, let me give him a capital W: the Wonderful Tom – surprised me a couple of hours later with an email containing my very own customised look.

Even better – it means I get to keep my Bueno theme, which I know so well and which gives me most of what I need in my blog.  The Christmas Vermilion theme I used for two days was nice, but everything was squashed up and in the wrong place, rather like this house every December.  I was prepared to tolerate the inconvenience for the Christmas period but now, thanks to Tom, I don’t have to.

I am sorry I couldn’t get the garland in at the bottom of the header, but Bueno insisted I crop to fit.  Here it is in full:


I would also have had the background stars going all the way down but it made the blog a little difficult to read.  Instead, I opted for a red background and green highlights.  ‘Tis the season to be colourful.

Thank you, Tom!  I love my Christmas makeover.

3 Dec

A great seasonal story from a man who should be Freshly Pressed every post.

Worth Doing Badly

Yet again the man with no camera takes on the WordPress Photo Challenge, with words….


“What sort of a growth?” asked the vet.

“It’s red, and it’s on his nose.”

“Perhaps it’s a pimple,” suggested the vet.

“What?” said Santa. “Do you mean this is puberty?”

“Could be,” said the vet.

“So you’re saying he’s going to start chasing after girl reindeers, like Vixen, and being cheeky to Mrs Claus and me, and his voice is going to suddenly drop, along with other bits of him?”

“I don‘t think reindeers have voices,” said the vet.

“The others certainly do,” said Santa. “They laugh and call him names.”

“What names?”

“Um, don’t know really,” said Santa. “”Redser,” I suppose.”

“Nah, that’s for gingers,” said the vet. “Perhaps it’s sunburn.”

“This is the North Pole,” said Santa icily, appropriately enough.

“Look, to be honest,” said the vet, “I’m more used to…

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Joke 620

3 Dec

These are from


Reindeer by Bortusk Leer

Reindeer by Bortusk Leer (Photo credit: Nick Saltmarsh)

Father Christmas has two reindeer. One named Edward; and another named Edward.  

Because two Eds are better than one.


How do you make a slow reindeer fast ?

Don’t feed it.


And an old one, to make you feel like you just shared a cheap Christmas cracker with me:

How do you get four reindeer in a car? 

Two in the front and two in the back.

And how do you get four polar bears in a car? 

Take out the reindeer first.

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