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Hair Of The Hub

4 Jan

The Hub has been the butt of my nagging for weeks.  I’m all about Christmas cheer but I never expected to marry Santa:


His beard got bigger and bushier and my nagging got louder and longer.  The Hub decided he’d had enough and would have a little fun at my expense.

He came to bed the other night, beard intact.  At four a.m. he went to the bathroom.

When I got up next morning, I found the little gift he left me, à la cat:


A hairball, you vulgar-minded lot.

Overjoyed, I went to kiss him with his morning coffee but recoiled when I found Paulie Sr from Orange County Choppers  in our bed:


I avoided looking at him all day as he giggled away.

He finally relented in the middle of the next night, and normal Hub has been restored:


He may not be happy, but I am.  Don’t bother feeling sorry for him; I won’t pass on the comments.

Joke 652

4 Jan



I crossed a cell phone with a skunk, and now the service stinks.


From punoftheday.

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