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An Orgy Of Violence

25 Jan
Violence (role-playing game)

Violence (role-playing game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We often complain that violent video games are corrupting our children. That may or may not be true, depending on whether you believe studies or your scornful teenager; but it occurred to me on Wednesday night that entertainment has been corrupting our children forever.

On Wednesday night I watched a man be torn apart by his own mother, and his bodiless head put on display.  Women cavorted, naked, in the hills.  A pregnant woman was killed by lightning.  A male surrogate mother carried the baby to full term.  There was earthquake, fire, a razing. Crazed women ripped to shreds a herd of cows and beat frightened men with sticks.  Talk about your video nasty.

Only, it wasn’t nasty at all; it was art.  You can’t whack a good Greek tragedy: yes, the Hub and I watched Spud and his friends act out Euripides’ The Bacchae.  

It was set in the 1970s.  If that isn’t the perfect era for excess and lack of self-restraint, I don’t know what is.

Apart from the mother who chopped up her son (if I’m honest, an act with which I can empathise), which was done symbolically, the rest of it was mostly related as speech.  By my own son, but we’ll let that slide; he’s fairly well-balanced thanks to having two parental extremes.

Talking of which…the Hub had his camera, of course, and took photos throughout.  That would have been fine if it was a point-and-shoot, but he has an excellent camera.  Nothing kills the tension like the tuk-tuk-tuk of a flash being moved into another position; followed by a light which temporarily blinds the cast (admittedly, making the one blind character’s acting incredibly realistic); and the whiiiiiiiiiiine of the flash warming up again.

I always wondered what it was like to be the annoying person on the bus; now I know.  Mortifying.  For me, anyway; the Hub was too busy taking photos to notice.

The play was about eighty minutes long and I must have shushed the Hub enough to make him turn off his flash at some point, because the later photos are not as good, he reckons.  

I want to enjoy Spud’s starring role in The Tempest, so I have ordered the Hub to request permission to photograph the dress rehearsal.  The Hub says ‘no.’  He flat refuses to sit through Shakespeare twice.

Here is a sample of what they’re teaching our kids in school these days:

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Joke 673

25 Jan

We haven’t had any Tim Viners for a while, so here they are:

  • I’ll tell you what makes my blood boil…crematoriums.
  • I saw this bloke chatting up a cheetah.  I thought, ‘He’s trying to pull a fast one.’
  • I was at sea the other day and loads of meat floated past.  It was a bit choppy.
  • Did you know if a stick insect laid its eggs in a jar of Bovril, it will give birth to a litter of Twiglets?
  • I was having dinner with my boss and his wife and she said to me, ‘How many potatoes would you like Tim?’  I said, ‘Ooh, I’ll just have one, please.’ She said, ‘It’s OK, you don’t have to be polite.’  ‘All right,’ I said, ‘I’ll just have one then, you stupid cow.’
  • You know, I’m not very good at magic – I can only do half of a trick.  Yes – I’m a member of the Magic Semi-circle.
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