Whoops! A Daisy

30 May

Thank you to everyone who took a look at our church website (old and new) and left feedback.  

We considered every suggestion then threw them out as too radical (mention the opening times? Ridiculous!).

Not really, of course; I was just checking to see if you were paying attention.

Here’s the finished article (sort of; I still have some proof reading to do): St Matthew’s.

It’s been up and running about a month; maybe two…Our Illustrious Leader Pam asked me to thank you all for your contributions (about a month ago; maybe two).

Thank you, all!

Get The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan’s Bob Hairstyle in 5 easy steps!

10 Responses to “Whoops! A Daisy”

  1. sanstorm at 10:23 #

    The site has a lovely friendly tone. I enjoyed the gallery-style walk thru of the what-to-expect. The pews don’t look too comfy tho – so, should I ever pitch up, I want a chair 🙂


    • We have chairs at the side. The pews are diabolical.


      • sanstorm at 19:40 #

        Do I sense an underlying ‘get-rid-of-the-pews’ debate?
        I’m for comfy seats any day.
        I doubt I get a vote.
        That would solve your ‘hall’ issue too…


        • No, there’s no problem at the moment, because we have comfy seats and pews. When we eventually re-model, it will probably be something we’ll discuss then.


      • sanstorm at 19:42 #

        We have pews. They are worse than yours. They can’t be got rid of because of the heating. In 1999 the roof blew off the church – literally, actually – and the insurance only let us get the pews back. No progressive seat decisions allowed! Gutted.
        But… we have a hall….


  2. kateshrewsday at 12:51 #

    That’s a fantastic site, Tilly. Well done! What software did you use to create it?


  3. laurieanichols at 14:49 #

    It is a very friendly, warm site. You all do a fantastic job! It should be celebrated with something, a tea party perhaps.


  4. Three Well Beings at 17:34 #

    This is a lovely church. It reminds me of an Episcopal parish we frequently visit, which is a very inclusive church–believe it or not, as liberal as California is reported to be, the churches tend to be very “exclusive” rather than inviting. That’s a whole topic in itself. I love your Daisy reference–very timely. 🙂


  5. It’s a lovely friendly, welcoming site. Great work!


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