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Joke 831

2 Jul

An eight-year-old girl is trying to check out a book entitled Advice for Young Mothers from the local library.  The librarian asked, “Now why do you want to check out this particular book, dear?”

The little girl replied, “I collect moths.”


Four-year-old Sarah asked this question from the back of the car: “Mummy, why are there more idiots on the road when Daddy’s driving?”


I was out walking with my five-year-old grandaughter Lucy. It was a perfect day – sunny with a beautiful blue sky.

“Isn’t it a lovely sky?” said Lucy. “But I wonder what it’s like in heaven.”

“I don’t know,” I said.

“No,” she replied, “but it won’t be long before you find out will it?”


“And what position does your father play in the football team, Andrew?” asked his teacher.

“Drawback,” the child replied.



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