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Time To Learn

18 Sep
Sesame magazine

Sesame magazine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve had a visitor here since Monday so I haven’t been able to blog as much as I had hoped, but I have sneaked away to tell you about this:

The Open University has teamed up with universities around the globe to offer free online short courses.  I have signed up for three, with staggered start dates; the first begins in November.  

Join me!  It’s all online so you don’t have to live in the UK.  

Here’s the link: FutureLearn.


Joke 909

18 Sep

Short jokes, because long jokes take too, um, long, to copy & paste.

  • ‘Employee of the month’ is a good example of how somebody can be both a winner and a loser at the same time.   Demetri Martin
  • What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?  A stick.   Traditional
  • Too bad all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxis and cutting hair.   George Burns
  • How do you call a prison inmate?  Use a cell phone.   Unknown
  • Nelson Mandela, he’s been out of prison for 16 years and hasn’t re-offended. I think he’s going straight. Which shows you, prison works.   Ricky Gervais
  • Why do seagulls live near the sea? Because if they lived near the bay, they’d be called bagels.   Unknown
  • I admire the Pope. I have a lot of respect for anyone who can tour without an album.   Rita Rudner
  • I won’t say ours was a tough school, but we had our own coroner.   Lenny Bruce
  • I went to a general store. They wouldn’t let me buy anything specifically.   Steven Wright

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