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Another Poetry Reading

31 Oct
smiley face stickers

smiley face stickers (Photo credit: South Carolina’s Northern Kingdom)

You may remember the poetry reading I gave in September at Walthew House, which supports Stockport’s blind and deaf people.  I gave another this morning.  No microphone juggling today – we all sat around a table.

Last time, it was mostly doom and gloom about my years in South Africa; this time, I read lighthearted poems by other poets, and poems of my own along similar themes.

The group is delightful and kept me on my toes because some of them, as readers, are much more knowledgeable about poets than I am.

Despite the dry mouth and two full glasses of water – excuse me while I pop to the loo again – I really enjoyed myself.

And so did they: I’ve been invited to come back in the spring.

This year, I tell ya – I’m loving it.


Joke 952

31 Oct

How can you tell an Italian witch from an English one?
By her suntan.

Who won the skeleton beauty contest?
No body.

When is it unlucky to see a black cat?
When you’re a mouse.

What’s the ratio of a pumpkin’s circumference to its diameter?
Pumpkin Pi.

What do you get if you cross a hairdresser with a werewolf?
A monster with an all over perm. 

 Why are banshees good tennis players?
They make a good old racket.



These were all lifted straight from Tom Merriman’s blog, Within the Sphere, because I have no shame – in intellectual property theft or in sharing terrible jokes.  I love ’em.

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