Remembrance Sunday

10 Nov


15 Responses to “Remembrance Sunday”

  1. misswhiplash at 11:23 #

    I can only say that I am glad that these people who died defending their country are not alive to see the state that it is in today.
    One upon a time…long long ago…The United Kingdom was something to be proud of and to be a citizen of such a country made one feel pride…but now…..
    I feel nothing but shame at being British. What is there left to be proud of?


  2. It’s a very poignant clip, and poem. Great minds think alike – I have scheduled a post along similar lines for tomorrow.


  3. granny1947 at 12:52 #

    That was lovely…thank you…must share it with my Dad.


  4. at 14:43 #

    Such a brilliant red and tune to match!


  5. katharinetrauger at 18:23 #

    Thanks, Tilly. Thanks.


  6. colonialist at 20:43 #

    A fitting reminder.

    How said the import of this day
    Has faded, here, and gone away.
    Those things no more are underscored,
    They are forgotten and ignored;
    And yet, the lives of all today
    Would different be, in every way,
    Had these men not all paid the price
    For freedom, in their sacrifice.


  7. Today is the anniversary of David’s dad’s birthday…125 years. David’s dad was with the US Expeditionary Forces during WWI. Tomorrow is the anniversary of David’s brother Paul’s birthday, in 1919. Paul was with US intelligence during WWII and captured by the Russians as a spy. So much history. We will never forget..never. Lovely remembrance.


  8. colonialist at 20:44 #

    Sad not said.


  9. Rorybore at 21:17 #

    Sometimes in these modern times, it is hard to see the ideal/vision that our forefathers fought and died for. Some of those principles may be in short supply in our broken world. But still, we remember……and no matter how broken or lost the world may seem, there is still many of heart and courage, who go and answer the call to defend a dream that has not died. There are still many helpers, and it is for those I say a prayer of gratitude and God Go With Thee.


  10. Musings at 01:13 #

    This beautiful post is so perfect for today and tomorrow’s Veterans Day in the U.S. as well. I’ve been really loving Foyle’s War.


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